Putin: the situation with coronavirus in Russia will definitely change for the better

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with the coronavirus in the country. Yesterday, March 25, Putin announced next week after hours and told what action will be taken to support the economy.

“The situation will change and it will definitely change for the better, it’s 100%. The question, of course, in terms of the effectiveness of our joint work.

Forced measures and temporary. But they will be shorter, than will be more effective and, frankly, harder, and then this period (restriction due to the coronavirus. — Approx. “Championship”) will be reduced”, — quoted Putin TASS.

According to the President, it is hoped that the situation with coronavirus will improve sooner than two to three months.

“Some countries say the war with him, and they called the war, will be long, but when we come out of this situation — and we will come for sure — I hope, maybe even earlier,” Putin said.


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