Privalov: the Russian biathlon need to make a revolution, to tolerate it on impossible

Former coach of national teams of the USSR and Russia Alexander Privalov assessed the situation in the Russian biathlon.

“There are a lot of serious issues. To get to work, we must all carefully examine to make certain conclusions. Based on these insights to change and the coaches and, if necessary, the user. In biathlon it is necessary to make a revolution, because to endure it is no longer possible. Simply a shame that our sport with leading positions fell below the plinth.

Calling for changes, do not speak personally about the President of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev, and that there are serious problems in all. The team has dropped to such a low level that the point solutions to the problem will not solve it. Only one method of preparation matters a lot”, — quotes TASS Privalov.

In the course of the season 2019/2020 team Russia updated personal record for the number of races without medals. To finish in the money the athletes could not over 28 races in a row.

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