Prince George: – Arouses attention after the loss

Prince George: – Arouses attention after the loss

Sunday night it went long-awaited EC final of the stack, and supporters on both sides could enjoy yellow cards, crazy goal chances and staff competition.

After some intense hours of supporter singing, extra innings and staff, it was finally Italy that emerged victorious from the final, and can thus crown itself with the title of European champions.

Therefore, he came without a wedding ring

However, it was not just the players on the field who attracted attention.

Eager football fans had taken their seats in the stands, and in the VIP seats you could see famous faces such as Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Kate Moss, as well as parts of the British royal family.

It is the latter that is now getting a lot of attention on social media, more specifically Prince George (7).

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“There is more to come”

For while Italian football fans could cheer on the victory, it was a seemingly crushed seven-year-old, accompanied by Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39), who had to bite the sour apple and realize the defeat.

Throughout the championship, Prince George has proved to be an avid football fan, and during several matches he and his father, William, have stood rock-solid in the stands with matching outfits and cheered on their country.

That’s why Kate was not there

Prince William, who is president of the Football Association, took the loss with a grain of salt, and was quickly out on social media congratulating both Italy and England on the match.

«Heartbreaking. Congratulations to Italy on a great victory. England, you have come so far, but unfortunately this was not our day this time. You can all hold your heads high and be so proud of yourself – I know there’s more to come. W »he wrote to a picture on the duke couple’s official Instagram account.

However, his son George did not seem to have an equally good day, according to People.

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“It’s OK, George.”

The young prince’s honest facial expressions and reactions to the loss have now triumphed on social media, where several have noticed the visible disappointment in his face – which clearly reflects how large parts of England felt at the same time.

“Everyone in England right now,” a user wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of a clearly disappointed George.

“Prince George’s sweet face. Definitely an introduction to what it is like to be an England supporter “, writes another.

“It’s OK, George. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. There will be more matches “, encourages a third.

Some users on Twitter have also used the opportunity to express their personal opinion about what the seven-year-old looks like. Among other things, some have written that he looks like a “40-year-old investor”, and that it is nice to see the royal family get into trouble.

“Everyone who is happy to see a little boy so sad has the most disgusting character ever! Shame on you! I’m so sorry, William, Catherine and George, ‘one writes.

“He’s going to be king one day. He will do well “, points out another.

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