Prince Felipe died: Mourinho interrupted conference to pay tribute to Duke of Edinburgh | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

    Prince Felipe died: Mourinho interrupted conference to pay tribute to Duke of Edinburgh | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

    Felipe of Edinburgh died this Friday at the age of 99 causing a great commotion in the United Kingdom and in English football. In that line, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho he has been one of the first public figures to mourn the death of the now-disappeared husband of Queen Elizabeth II. The coach of the Tottenham He had no better idea than to interrupt a press conference to express his condolences to the royal family.

    “I want to express my condolences to the royal family,” the Portuguese coach told reporters. “To be honest, I have a deep, deep, deep respect for the royal family. All my support. It is not only this country that feels its demise “added Mourinho.

    “I am very sorry for his death because I can only say positive things about the meaning of family. I’m very sorry, but that’s life and we have to look forward ”, tothe Portuguese coach scored.

    Along the same lines was Manchester City, which sent its “Sincere condolences” to the royal family, and the Manchester United, who shared photos of the duke with former players of the English team.

    Arsenal, who saw Felipe inaugurate the Emirates Stadium in 2006, noted that he has always had a long association with the club and that his first visit to Highbury was in October 1952, just eight months after the coronation of Elizabeth II.

    Arsenal mourned the death of Prince Philip.

    “He will always be remembered by Arsenal fans for officially opening the Emirates Stadium on October 26, 2006, when he showed sincere interest in our new home, talking to our players, employees and fans. It was an unforgettable day”Arsenal said in a statement.

    The Premier League He will also pay tribute to the consort with a minute of silence in the matches to be played this weekend. Unlike other occasions in which a member of the royal family has passed away, the matches will not be suspended, but this small tribute will be made in each stadium. The players of both teams will also wear a black armband.

    The rest of the league teams also displayed photographs of the prince with his players, while Liverpool announced that their flags will fly at half mast.

    In addition, the English federation, of which the Duke of Edinburgh was president between 1955 and 1957, recalled that he attended several matches of the English team and that he was even in the match in which England won its only World Cup.

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