Prince Charles positive in coronavirus : why Kate and William do not have to worry about contamination

Le prince Charles positif au coronavirus : pourquoi Kate et William n’ont pas à s’inquiéter d’une contamination

Kate Middleton and William will they have caught the coronavirus of Charles ? It would seem that the three have not crossed since the contamination of the prince of Wales.

It is through a press release that Clarence House has announced that march 25, thecontamination of prince Charles to the coronavirus. A novel that disturbs the life of the royal family, already upset by the measures to stop the pandemic.Since a few days, all of Windsor took care to confine everyone to their side.A measure fast enough to avoid contagion ? Kate and William have surely escaped contamination by the prince.

Everything seems to indicate that it is by none other than Albert of Monaco, whom he met in London on 10 march, that Charles has caught the virus. A few days later, the monarch of the Côte d’azur was in fact diagnosed. The last engagement of Charles then goes up to the 12 march. There is then a cross-the queen Elizabeth, which, for the moment, does not present any sign of disease. It is then left in its ownership to Highgrove before joining his scottish country house of Birkhall on Sunday 22 march. There is currently confined with his wife, Camilla, tested negative.

Given this schedule, it is very likely that the last time he has crossed the Cambridge, it was on march 9 at Westminsterfor the famous reunion with Sussex. Meghan has so narrowly escaped, returning the next day to Canada. William and Kate then spent the weekend in their manor of Amner Hall, in the Nortfollk. After a short return to London, where there was no more Charles, they are left primarily with their children.By their age and their physical condition, the duke and duchess who are the first in the lineage to be able to stay on the ground. Has them now for sure.


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