Powers: if rascals now remain in Russia, in the NHL he will not go

Journalist the Athletic Scott powers, a regular columnist matches “Chicago Blackhawks”, turned on the CSKA forward Maxim Shalunov in the list of candidates to strengthen the composition of the “hawks” in the coming offseason.

“You have heard many times about Shalunova in recent years. And many of you are probably already sceptical as to whether he would sign ever contract with the Blackhawks. But if the rascals will now remain in Russia, in the NHL he will not go for a number of reason.

His three-year contract in the KHL expires at the end of this season. If he decides to stay in Russia, then, most likely, will conclude another long-term contract, which will remain there until the end of his career. Besides, he is 27 years old. Now is the time to move to America if he wants a chance to prove himself at the NHL level.

Shalunov is no guarantee of success, but it has some advantages that could help “Blackhawks” as a striker top 9. He has good size and a good shot. Maxim responsibly plays defense. He can play both in the centre and on the edge”, says powers.


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