Polkhovsky: the work of the national team in biathlon snap of the fingers to straighten

Vice-President of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) to ensure that the activities of the national teams Valery Polkhovsky summed up the results of performances of Russian national team in the season 2019/2020, starting with the condition found a team, joining the office in late December.

“I was at the world Cup in Pokljuka, met with the coaches, with the team. Discussed some issues, particularly with the coaches. And I realized that they have before the world Cup there is a strong belief that they are going the right way, that they are in fighting mood (smiling). I did a little work in the biathlon, you know that it is impossible to interfere with the coaches during the season. The coaches had a vision of training, they had only to help in the organizational plan.

This process, as the work of the national team in biathlon, a very complicated sport, with a click of the fingers does not improve. Then if the plane flew, then flew. Yes, sometimes it starts to shake. Frankly, some shortcomings have occurred. Therefore, it is important that now the coaching Board, albeit at a distance, read reports and give their recommendations. It will be necessary to go further”, — quotes the words Bolhovskogo RIA “Novosti”.


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