Polkhovsky: logins from home, can work in the gym

Vice-President of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) to ensure that the activities of the national teams Valery Polkhovsky said, what do the members of the national team, including Alexander Loginov, after the early end of the season.

“Logins would be to pursue a career. No talking about the end no, this is all speculation. Alexander will prepare further.

Now all the athletes who arrived from the world Cup and IBU Cup recommended 14 days to be at home and to carry out the instructions established for all who live in our country. All at the end of sporting events went home. Contact with the coaches, talk about where someone is, what he’s doing. Ask, who has the ability to exercise who have exercise equipment at home. There are advanced guys who, without leaving home, can work in the gym. Logins, for example. Garanichev also so engaged. In General, with all the athletes talking about how to keep the form below for any activity conducted. Of course, maybe someone breaks. But most athletes, I think, complies with all the requirements. To joke with this case is not necessary.

Such cases, of course, in our practice yet was not. So now the quarantine, athletes will be held, and then let’s see what are the limitations in different areas. Someone is not allowed to leave until the end of March, some up to 10 or 15 of April. Therefore, most likely, organized training in April will not work. Will build the training process as possible, at a distance”, — quotes the words Bolhovskogo RIA “Novosti”.


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