Podcast “Who’s talking”, issue 45: how an employee can ruin a business

Подкаст «Кто бы говорил», выпуск 45: как сотрудник может разрушить бизнес

Polina, Alex and Ira discuss forced to move to udalenku, problems that company may bring employees, and the question of how to respond to others who are sneezing and coughing.

In this podcast — lively conversation about what is happening in the country and the world, discussion of articles of Lifehacker and phenomena of mass culture.

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  • 01:08 — Microsoft has invited us to discuss a cool topic — how the employee can destroy a business. Polina talks about the problem of “long tongue.” Alex tells how to come up with supernumery password, and also shares the story of how he almost fell into the trap cyberhawks. Ira just listening intently. By the way, to safely protect your data, you can use our password generator.
  • 19:36 — of course, our advice is good, and the opinion of an expert is still better. We spoke with Artem Sinitsyn Director of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe programme of information security. He told me what to do to protect corporate data, how to protect yourself from spam and what programs to install to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Listen carefully, so as not to be under threat.
  • 27:33 — more and more organizations go into quarantine and transferred employees on udalenku. Discuss how these steps are effective to contain the epidemic of the coronavirus, as well as share tips on how to stay productive in a home environment. Polina is a whole strategy of how not to be distracted by the scratching of the belly of the cat and focus on tasks. She recommends everyone to read our article on how to convince elderly relatives at risk of coronavirus. Read, this is important.
  • 44:36 — our listener asked how to a period of quarantine to respond to people who are sneezing and coughing. Alex advises that, where possible, to avoid them, and tells the story about the girl sneezing in the store. Polina recommends that you do not overdo it with the means of protection. Irina shares a life hack in case you don’t want in a public place near you someone sat down.
  • 52:16 — under the heading “Sovetiki” Polina recommends to touch the beautiful and to see the movie “the Survivors”, for which Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar, as well as to read the story, which was filmed this picture. Another movie recommendation — “the Beautiful, the bad and the ugly” about serial killer Ted Bundy. Also suggest to read the article our movie critic Alexei Khromova about the image of the killers in the movie. For those who love history, the recommendation of Alex — a series of works by Boris Akunin “the history of the Russian state.” It can be read or listen, just recently released a new fact about the reign of Alexander I. anyone interested in social experiments, the Ira recommends a very cool reality show 100 Humans. And advised to use the time of self-isolation with the use of and conduct spring cleaning the house.

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