PlayStation would prepare backlash against Xbox

    PlayStation would prepare backlash against Xbox

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    The success of Xbox Games Pass has made PlayStation think of a plan to compete with your rival so according to God of Was, Microsoft would be preparing great news in PS Now.

    The ace up the sleeve has not yet been revealed, but what it is that it would be looking to have control of the market, which is growing by leaps and bounds with the Xbox Game Pass, who continues to gain users month after month.

    Who has come out in defense of Jim Ryan, CEO de PlayStation, has been David Jaffe father of God of War and a person who has been closely linked to PlayStation, as he assures that there is a counterattack plan against Game Pass.

    ‘I’ve said over and over again that the people who are writing the Jim Ryan obituary are too premature,’ ‘Jaffe explained. We had the guy on the show yesterday who had petitioned to fire Jim Ryan and I was like,’ friend, that’s too premature ‘because Jim Ryan does not owe anyone, Sony does not owe anyone, the truth about what is coming and what is its backlash to Game Pass, “he said through his YouTube channel.

    Although there is nothing official, it is rumored that the subject could go with something of a patent on the trophies that suggested that Sony is still thinking about backward compatibility by emulation for PS5.

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