Players FIFA 20 from all over Russia in the tournament, “Championship”. Registration ends

Tournament “Championship” for FIFA 20 has already gathered more than 1000 participants and continues to accept applications via the link to 21:00 MSK on March 26. The geography of competition traditionally stretches from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Among the participants there are representatives of neighboring countries.

On the first day the participants were joined famous fiery Robert “Ufenok77” Fakhretdinov and Andrew “Timon” Guriev. The tournament “Championship” gathered a dozen experienced players. Among registered the most popular division is “England”.

We will remind, the tournament is only playable on the PlayStation 4 (divisions of England, Spain, Italy, France + Germany) and Xbox One (a single division). Start after 16:00 GMT on 27 March. To come can brand any user, from any part of the planet. The tournament assumes no contributions, participation is free.

The winners of each of the five divisions will receive prizes from organizers: first place — merchandise from the “Championship”, the game pad, customized specifically for the champion, 2 games from EA Games, to choose from; the second and third places — the ball failed Euro 2020 adidas Uniforia Pro, prizes from EA Games and Souvenirs from the “Championship”.

Discussion and questions on the public “championship. ESports”. Here will be posted all grids in the appropriate topics. Grid will also appear in the news on “the League” and mail to all registered.

Игроки FIFA 20 со всей России в турнире «Чемпионата». Заканчивается регистрация


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