Player, Team Liquid became the first players infected with coronavirus

Player Team Liquid at the Apex Legends Brenden Casper Marino announced that he had received a positive test result for coronavirus. This he announced on his Twitter account.

“Because of my age the doctors are very worried about me. The disease is almost as cold. After eight to twelve days I’ll feel much better. But while I had to sit for two weeks in his room.”

It is reported that Casper felt bad during online tournament on the Apex Legends. But despite poor health and rampant disease, he continued to play, as he could not find a replacement. Because of this, his team failed to show good result at the tournament, finishing only in seventh place.

In December 2019, a Pro player was 26 years old. During his career he won $5 thousand in Addition to participating in tournaments, the player is actively streaming his twitch channel 15 thousand subscribers.


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