PKP advance in the folder Teo Taxi

PKP avance dans le dossier Téo Taxi

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The businessman Pierre Karl Péladeau says it is “well advanced” in its desire to acquire the assets of Teo Taxi.

The businessman Pierre Karl Péladeau says it is “well advanced” in its desire to acquire the assets of Teo Taxi, who met Thursday with the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel.

Citing again a “regulation obsolete”, and the need for a “level playing field” fair for all players in the taxi industry, Mr. Péladeau stated that she ” felt an appreciation from the minister of these considerations.” In the media scrum after the meeting with Mr. Bonnardel, Mr. Péladeau said he had the impression that” innovation “would be at the heart of the new policy from the minister, which is” of good omen “, according to him. A pilot project — dubbed “very bad idea” for Mr. Péladeau — with the alternative service of transport, Uber has been generally criticized for not addressing the issues of cost of permits for other drivers and modulation rates to customers based on ridership.


This is the number of drivers Teo Taxi that does not have more work since the end of the service.

Showing again his interest to restart the business currently insolvent Teo Taxi, Mr. Péladeau said to have argued with the minister that this would require ” financial means and vision to the medium and long term “. It has been suggested that the technology could be exported, in line with the objective of the government of Québec to generate well-paying jobs.

The office of Mr. Bonnardel said that there would be no comment from the minister on the result of that meeting.

“It is necessary to the viability of the project as it existed previously, to ensure that it can be precisely put in the value of our hydro, to showcase transportation electrification, and this was what Teo was able to propose to Quebecers,” said Mr. Péladeau in a media scrum. “It takes an environment where everyone will be treated equally with the same rules. This is what has failed, and it is one of the reasons why Teo has failed, ” he added.

Some 400 operators employees are without a livelihood since Teo Taxi has put an end to his service since the company founded by, among others, Alexandre Taillefer was in deficit and that the shareholders were no longer willing to inject additional funds.