Peak and ID in Cali, SATURDAY, April 10

    Peak and ID in Cali, SATURDAY, April 10

    On Cali the contagions of coronavirus have been growing daily, so the mayor of the city, Jorge Ivan Ospina decreed the measures of Peak and cedula, curfew and dry law to reduce the percentage of FIA.

    The inhabitants must stay in their houses and we are going to prohibit marriages, confirmations, degrees and other social gatherings that allow the opportunity for contagion. This weekend will continue mass vaccination in adults over 70 years and the taking of tests ”, said the mayor of the Caleños, Ospina.

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    Saturday 10 April: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 0.

    It should be noted that the decree issued by the Mayor of Cali, states that “with reference to peak and cedula, the district authorities decided that to enter any commercial establishment except restaurants, hotels and the like, the measure will be applied according to the last digit of the identity document. last digit of the card ends in even.

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    On the other hand, the governor of the Cauca’s Valley, Clara Luz Roldán reiterated the call to citizens “to continue maintaining the measures of self-care and prevent the growth of the number of coronavirus infections“.

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