Paulina Rubio launches ‘Get Hot’, her own brand of tequila

Paulina Rubio launches ‘Get Hot’, her own brand of tequila

Paulina Rubio 20 years ago he sang a song that said: “give me another tequila… ”. Apparently, the drink they gave her did not satisfy her and so she decided to launch her own brand.

Paulina Rubio put aside her legal conflicts and surprised by announcing on social networks announcing her debut as an entrepreneur in the industry of tequila.

Do you want to taste the tequila of Paulina Rubio? Here we tell you what it tastes like, where you can buy it and how much it costs.

Why did Paulina Rubio decide to launch her own brand of tequila?

On your Instagram account, Paulina Rubio presented last Thursday, June 15, its own brand of tequila called ‘Get Hot’.

In a short text, Paulina Rubio explained that he ventured into this industry because he really likes the tequila, but in his own way.

It was so Paulina Rubio decided to emulate celebrities like Kylie Jenner, George Clooney, Kate del Castillo, Carlos Santana, among others, and launch his own tequila.

“When you want something to be done the way you like it, you have to do it yourself. @get_hot_tequila is a 100% pure agave Tequila from Jalisco 🇲🇽 … “

Paulina Rubio

What does ‘Get Hot’, Paulina Rubio’s tequila taste like?

In your post, Paulina Rubio described the taste of his tequila as “smooth, with a daring flavor”, highlighting that it gave it a more Mexican touch, adding a habanero pepper flavor.

“It has been infused with habanero 🌶️ which gives it just a touch of spice. I am very excited to share this news with you and that you can also try it. Get Hot baby! 🥰⁣ “

Paulina Rubio

Post by Paulina Rubio on Instagram (@paulinarubio / In)

Where can I buy Paulina Rubio’s ‘Get Hot’ tequila?

At the moment, according to the available information, the tequila It can only be purchased in the United States, through the electronic portal of ‘Get Hot Tequila’.

The drink of Paulina Rubio It has a price of 38.99 dollars, which is equivalent to just over 775 Mexican pesos.

Tequila by Paulina Rubio (Get Hot Tequila)


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