Pashkov on the completion of the KHL season: we need a competition like the championship of Russia

The Olympic champion Alexander Pashkov commented on the decision of the KHL on the early completion of season 2019/2020 due to the coronavirus.

“I have long said that we need such a competition as the championship of Russia. In the future, it is necessary to fix it legislatively, the CHL rules. That all was well. Then now we would be able to safely call the team a champion. At least our country. If the spirit of the KHL is not enough or no desire, then everything is clear. Let awarded the continental Cup or whatever it is called and go on vacation. But to call a champion in accordance with the current regulations do not dare. It’s just not fair, we need to document everything.

I now read that somehow you can define the winners. But how? Such a clause in the regulations no. Otherwise, everything is predicted. They sucked with this whole thing, it was high time to tell people all hands, not to pull. Pulled players of the team. But they also have a great vacation, and now even more. Recover, rest,” — said Pashkov in conversation with the correspondent of “Championship” Pavel Panicheva.

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