Onopko, CSKA had already played a solid lead. The fight for the championship continues

The coach of CSKA Moscow Viktor Onopko has shared his opinion about the results of the team in home matches and assessed the chances of CSKA for the title of the Russian Premier League this season.

“Completely agree with Mario Fernandez that the team of CSKA has no right to lose so many points at home. Fights with opponents that come to us to play defensively, often be very hard. But the team intending to challenge for the top places need to take maximum points on home turf. Especially against clubs from the bottom half of the table. This is very important. Sorry, we have repeatedly lost points in matches with the middle peasants and outsiders.

Mario also expressed confidence that the fight for the title has not been completed, despite the separation of “Zenith”? And here I agree. You may recall that CSKA had already played a solid lead in the standings. Zenit and other teams will surely drop points soon, we are waiting for a face-to-face encounter. The struggle continues, and yet not lost all is not lost nothing. We need to win as often as possible and move forward from match to match. We will fight until the very last round.

In General, no matter what happens in the tournament situation, it is necessary to go all out in every match. CSKA have a large army of fans, we play in the first place for them. A fan can forgive everything except indifference. Believe me, the team all know it. Seriously prepare for each game, want to win, try to be on the field as a single whole”, — quotes the words Onopko, the press service of CSKA.

Today, March 15 CSKA Moscow at the stadium “VEB-arena” will hold a meeting of the 22nd round of the championship of Russia with the “Ufa”, beginning at 16:30 GMT.


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