“On the streets, no people.” Tatiana Navka — how has changed the U.S. due to coronavirus

Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatiana Navka, referring to the words of a friend, told how the United States influenced by the situation with the coronavirus, which in many States impose quarantine measures.

“Today I called a friend who lives in the USA, an athlete, a swimmer, with a story that three weeks ago, when they were told about the virus, methods of safety, all laughed and continued the conversation. Many students went home and infected their grandparents, but today they have closed almost all the organizations, only work shops of the first necessity, no masks, antiseptic and toilet paper, the streets almost no people, you can’t go, not like in Italy, but the ban was imposed.

Ambulance overloaded, even private centers, to help difficult,” — wrote Navka in his instagram.


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