Olcay Gulsen: ‘I thought Ruud was an angry guy’ | Stars

Olcay Gulsen: ‘I thought Ruud was an angry guy’ |  Stars

About the break between the two, the presenter explains again that there was no place for love in her life at that time. “We have now consciously chosen each other. At first there was no room for another. I was still shocked by the death of my ex. When you’re sad, you’re kind of insane. Ruud and I only knew each other for a blue Monday and didn’t have that bond yet,” she tells Beautiful world.

It may now be called history that Ruud and Olcay got back together and live together. They were not able to enjoy their pink cloud for very long, because Ruud was diagnosed with colon cancer. “That went through marrow and bone. I tried to stay positive, but after the third operation he had to be towed from the house by the fire department and rushed to the hospital, my heart sank. Ruud was also distraught. It’s trial and error. Whenever we expected good news, we got bad news. At a certain point you think: can I get out of here?”

At the moment things seem to be looking a bit rosier for the couple. When asked about how they are doing now, she answers: “Actually good. It was an emotional, difficult and uncertain time but we are moving in the right direction again. Physically Ruud is not yet able to handle much, but we are rebuilding it with walks. For the first few weeks he couldn’t even leave the street and now he walks a few kilometers a day. That gives confidence.”

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