Norris: “Silverstone” don’t need global changes for the race in the opposite configuration

Pilot “McLaren” Lando Norris shared his thoughts about the possibility of holding the races of Formula 1 “Silverstone” in the opposite configuration.

“I thought about it and saw the video of the circle in the opposite direction. The track is perceived differently, and seem to drive on it in this configuration is quite difficult. Should also try on the simulator. Regarding the overtaking I’m not sure yet, but it will be great.

If this year will be an additional race in the UK, it will be good for “McLaren” to me. I think it will appeal to our fans. So I’m in, this is a great opportunity.

As for the other tracks – I don’t think all race can be carried out in reverse configuration. Some of them are designed so that do not involve the establishment of additional safety zones that will be required in this case. If we talk about “Silverstone”, you may need to do something. But the changes will be global. Width allows you to do that. But on many other tracks it can be done”, – quotes the words of Norris.

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