Norris: I think the relationship of science with “Red bull” was strained

Pilot “McLaren” Lando Norris shared his thoughts on how a positive step for Carlos Sainz has been a shift in the British team. According to Norris, being a rider of a program Red bull, the Spaniard felt the tension.

“We don’t pretend we have a really great rapport. We like to work together. Carlos was different compared to what it was in previous years. I did not discuss with him this topic. But I think the relationship with Red bull was quite intense. Think you know how the program works “Red bull”, — quotes the words of Norris Nextgen-Auto.

Recall, for a long time Carlos Sainz played in the Toro Rosso. 2018 he, being a pilot program of Red bull, held in the Renault. After the season, the Austrian team decided to let go of the Spaniard and he signed the contract with “McLaren”. Last season, Sainz finished in sixth place in the overall standings.

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