Night race in the rain in Kenogami

A hundred or so young people braved the bad weather in the night from Friday to Saturday by starting a 20 km relay race around the Kenogami High School in anticipation of the Grand defi Pierre Lavoie Race. For the occasion, Pierre Lavoie himself came to encourage young people Friday in addition to announcing his wish to extend this kind of night exercise to all high schools in the province next year.
An ith Race to be held from May 11 to 12 between Quebec City and Montreal, GDPL already moving 5,000 young secondary school, college and university. Even though the founder of the Great Challenge claims that a race with 5,000 young people are already unique in the world, he now dreams of adding “two or three zeros” to this number in the coming years thanks to a night race in 454 secondary schools from the province.

This night race would look like the one held for the third consecutive year from 19h Friday to 7h Saturday morning in Kénogami. The youngsters of Kénogami, but also of the polyvalent of Arvida, ran 20 times a circuit of one kilometer on the cycle track close to the school. The GDPL had dispatched members of its team to Kénogami, but also to Laval, to evaluate the feasibility of the expansion project to all schools in Quebec.

“We already do it for 1,450 elementary schools. We are moving 450,000 children. We think we can do something for high schools too. The goal is to run all students and all staff. We would do something that the school appropriates and comes back every year. Everyone says teens are on their iPads or phones, but that’s not true. There are those who train, prepare, make events and run for their health. I’m proud of them, but 5000 is not enough. I want them all. We will change the concept next year so that all young people can move, and we will support them with the machine of the Great Challenge, “said Pierre Lavoie in a telephone interview, which was to address young people shortly before departure around 19h.

The profits raised during the night race were all given to Kenogami high school students who will participate in La Course on May 11 and 12.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
Alan Carter has been a reporter on the news desk since 2015. Before that she wrote about young adolescents and family dynamics for Styles and was the legal affairs correspondent for the Metro desk. Before joining The Koz Post, Alan Carter worked as a staff writer at the Village Voice and a freelancer for Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, GQ and Mirabella.