Nicolas Sarkozy : Guillaume, François, Olivier… who are the three brothers ?

Nicolas Sarkozy : Guillaume, François, Olivier… qui sont ses trois frères ?

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If one knows the course of Nicolas Sarkozy, his three brothers, Guillaume, François and Olivier are a little more discreet in the media… without, however, completely under the radar, in the image of Olivier Sarkozy. Back on a sibling to the famous name.

Of the four sons of the clan, Nicolas Sarkozy is the only one to have made a career in politics, with the fate we know. His eldest son, William, and his two cadets, Olivier and François, have, themselves, opted for ways far removed from the ambitions of their brother, remaining, however, in the higher spheres. Guillaume Sarkozy is the president of the board of directors in Malakoff Humanis when Olivier Sarkozy became a banker. Francois Sarkozy, a pediatrician by training, has on its side founded in 2014 FSNB Health & Care, a consulting firm in strategy, specialized in the health sector, which he still chairs.

Less media that Nicolas Sarkozy, the brothers of the former president, however, have sometimes made the headlines, also, including Olivier and Guillaume Sarkozy. The first for her wedding in 2015 with the american actress Mary-Kate Olsen, one of twins revealed in the series, the house Party, which aired at the end of the 1980s. After five years of union, it is now the details of their divorce spread in the press, the banker, having summoned the actress to leave their apartment in new york city.

Scandal and support

Guillaume Sarkozy, meanwhile, has attracted the attention of the media for the mirobolant wages that he would have continued to collect after his ouster of the head of the foresight group Malakoff-Médéric in 2015. According to Europe 1, which is based on the book by the journalist Francis Carpenter, A new social Security… Of Bismark to Macron, after having been thanked, the officer remained in the company as a delegate to the business society and president of the Foundation Malakoff-Médéric Disability. The key to this, Guillaume Sarkozy would have had the insurance to continue to be paid a salary of 650 000 euros per year, up to the age of 70 years.

François Sarkozy, very reserved regarding his private life, is finally the only one not to have been the subject of a media hype. Just if is it shown publicly, as an unconditional support for his half-brother. One who has followed all of his political victories, of his election as mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1983 with his victory in the presidential election of 2017, has never ceased to encourage it. “The need for recognition of my brother is deeply touching ! I told him several times : ‘You’re so much better than the other, it is vulgar to say that !'”, confided it to the Figaro in 2015.

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