Nick: why do people who lost their jobs, shall at exorbitant prices to buy masks?

Striker “Saryarka” Alexander Shcherbina shared his opinion on the introduction in St. Petersburg mandatory masono-glove mode.

“People are forced to wear masks, gloves. Now, even in St. Petersburg, where the restrictions were not as stringent, mandatory masono-glove mode. But if many people are sitting at home in isolation remain without salaries — pass out masks for free. Why do people who lost their jobs and have no airbags, still have to buy at exorbitant prices masks?

Yesterday I went to the store, hanging mask — “Made in China”, disposable, 350 rubles. Well, here’s how the average person can afford it, why would he want to spend the money, and so he’s currently back to back? To me this whole situation is, frankly, a bit annoying. Plus what will happen in sports, when open borders. The situation is not simple. I don’t even know how to comment”, — quotes Shcherbina, the press service of the KHL.

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