Ngandu: respect Stipe Miocici, but the division needs to move forward

UFC fighter Francis Ngandu urged the organization to influence the situation with title fight in heavy weight.

“UFC need to solve this problem and to hold the title fight. Don’t know when it will end the pandemic coronavirus. Stipe Miocici respect, he deserves the title of champion, but the heavyweight division needs to continue to move forward. We can no longer hold the division in one place. That would be the end no it took and whatever he had to do the UFC, the division needs to go further. Since the last title fight nearly a year has passed, and no one knows when will be the next title fight”, — quotes the words of Francis Ngandu BJPenn.

It was planned that in the next match Stipe Miocic will meet with Danielem Cormier, but it is not known when the match will be held.

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