Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    Neymar, the current star of Paris Saint Germain, lives low hours at the French club and continues to be subject to all kinds of rumors that link his future to Barça of Laporta. He has just tattooed on his right thigh the phrase “People do not understand how stubborn I am to win” to send a clear message to the football world about his intentions when he jumps onto the pitch.

    While he is reunited with the goal, you can always console yourself behind the wheel of some of the racing cars that are part of his collection. Here is a selection with the most outstanding ones.

    Aston Martin Vulcan

    © Courtesy of Aston Martin

    Only 24 units of this super sports car have been manufactured which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. It was originally priced at 2.1 million euros and it is a very special car that, initially, could only be used on the track. It has a 7.0-liter V12 engine with more than 800 hp and its body only weighs 1,300 kilos.

    Designed by Marek Reichman, it is very close to the world of competition. The origin of its name is in the Cold War, a time when the Avro Vulcan was one of the most important bombers of the RAF (British Air Force) during the 50s and 60s. So this Aston Martin is a tribute to the legendary aircraft.

    Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, confirmed that Vulcan was chosen as the name of the sports car in honor of the fighter bomber, which at the time was a pioneer in the use of the latest available technology.

    Audi Q7

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    SUV large premium that stands out for its great technological endowment designed for comfort and driving aids, as well as the possibility of accommodating up to seven passengers thanks to its three rows of seats. In its design, combines conservative language with the latest traits of the brand present, above all, in the optics and the new front grille.

    Rounder lines are also abandoned to give way to straighter lines such as the marked nerve on its side or the features of the tailgate. The front welcomes new Full-LED optics, plus a new octagonal-shaped front grille. The rear receives a new diffuser, as well as a chrome band that joins both rear light groups.

    It is available with a 3.0 TDI V6 diesel engine with two power levels (231 hp and 286 hp) and with and 3.0 TFSI V6 gasoline, 340 hp. All engines are combined with a tiptronic transmission with an eight-speed torque converter and quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

    Audi R8 Spyder

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    This high-performance convertible two-seater supercar it cost Neymar about € 200,000, it has a maximum speed of 312 km / h and can go from 0 to 100 km / h in three seconds. It has a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces 518 hp and 391 pounds of torque. The convertible design is its main identity brand, along with the use of all the latest advances of the firm in technology and propulsion systems such as el motor V10 TFSI, the quattro all-wheel drive system or the 7-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission.

    Includes serial items such as retractable power roof, aspherical left exterior mirror, complete headlights with LED technology, headlamp washer system, variable intermittent windscreen wiper, Heated outside rear view mirrors with automatic dimming and electrically folding, anti-theft alarm, sound system with 7 speakers and 5-channel amplifier, basic hands-free installation (Bluetooth) for mobile phone and exterior paint in two colors.

    Ferrari 458 Italia

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    Model that replaced the Ferrari 430, made using the technology and experience that Ferrari treasures in Formula 1 with the collaboration of Michael Schumacher and that has a Ferrari 4.5 V8 engine located in the rear central position, with 570 hp and 540 Nm.

    Offers a top speed of 325 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.4 secondsFigures more than adequate for circuits like the Nürburgring. In short, the most efficient engine ever used in a prancing horse. Its starting price is around € 200,000.

    Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

    One of the fastest in its fleet, since accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 410 km / h. It costs 4 million euros, among other reasons for its visible carbon fabric bodywork from Koenigsegg, renowned for its uniqueness and perfection.

    Before the Trevita, automakers only had access to traditional black carbon fibers. Koenigsegg developed a unique coated fiber solution that transforms fibers from black to bright white and silver. When sunlight hits Trevita, it glows as if millions of tiny white diamonds are infused within the visible carbon fiber bodywork.

    The initial intention of the Swedish firm was to do a limited edition of three units. However, the white carbon fiber used for the Trevita made the car extremely difficult and time consuming to manufacture, and the decision was made to make it even more unique and limit the number of Trevitas to just two.

    Lamborghini veneno

    © Courtesy of Lamborghini

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    Valued at 4.2 million euros, this super sports car brings the aerodynamic efficiency of a racing prototype to everyday roads. It is characterized by optimal aerodynamics, to ensure stability in fast corners and similar behavior to a racing prototype. All this in a car designed for the road.

    The ideal car for lovers of sporty driving, equipped with a 6.5-liter aspirated V12 engine and a top speed of 355 km / h, represents the forefront of design inspired by aeronautics, capable of making you feel the indescribable sensation of making you fly over the road.

    True to the Lamborghini lines, its extreme proportions are striking, as evidenced by the powerful arrow face and in the play of shapes that alternate sharp lines such as blades and taut surfaces.

    Lykan Hipersport

    Marketed by the Lebanese firm W Motors, it is one of the most expensive cars in the world. Only seven units have been manufactured, and each of them has a price without taxes of $ 3.4 million, just over three million euros at the current exchange rate.

    In its compact dimensions (4.48 meters in length) it accommodates a 3.7-liter six-cylinder boxer engine, developed by RUF and located in a central position, which thanks to the twin-turbo supercharging yields 740 hp and a maximum torque of 960 Nm.

    Weighing 1,380 kilograms, it is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, reaching more than 390 km / h of maximum speed.

    Maserati MC12

    Created in 2004, derived from Maserati race cars and based on the Ferrari Enzo, the MC12 was a light and stiff sports car, with a 6.0 liter engine that produced 630 CV. A total of 60 units were manufactured, of which 50 were sold to customers selected by a price of € 600,000. It marked the return of Maserati to competition after a 37-year absence. The street version was produced in order to be able to homologate the racing version.

    Mercedes AMG

    © Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    Super sports car that is characterized by offering large doses of performance and sportiness in a format, the two-seater coupe, rare on the market. Their classic proportions of a sports car (very elongated hood and short, muscular rear) exert an extraordinary power of attraction. When closed, its hood forms a silhouette of harmonic lines, like those of the coupe.

    The interior has parallels with the cockpit of an airplane and a striking feature is the low position of the seat next to the center console, whose design is reminiscent of a V8 engine. The finish of the material reaches an artisan level, both to the eye and to the touch.

    Perfectly blended: the lowered position of the seat integrates the driver into the driving position, making him an organic element of the vehicle. The AMG Drive Unit is your command center for the sports gearbox and for all dynamics control functions with display buttons.

    Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    In its second generation, the Porsche Panamera reinvents itself with greater beauty and within the range it is the hybrid Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid that offers more nerve. Powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, boasting 4.0 liters of displacement, generates 550 hp and is linked to a supplementary electrical system to reinforce the total outputs to a torque of 680 hp.

    With all-wheel drive and the PDK dual-clutch gearbox, Going from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.2 seconds before the S-Turbo Turbo stretches to a top speed of 309 km / h. We are before an authentic killer of super sports designed for the modern family man.

    Volkswagen Touareg

    © Courtesy of Volkswagen

    Neymar and his cars: an Aston Martin inspired by the Cold War, a Ferrari worthy of Formula 1 …

    One of the flagships of the German company is also the smartest and most technologically advanced production car leaving Wolfsburg. It is revealed as a high-tech premium SUV with an aluminum suspension, a body that is also largely aluminum, and other ways to save weight in powertrain, cooling, exhaust, electricity, or seats.

    Exterior shapes have been sharpened with more powerful lines and slim that add an air of sophistication and modernity. There is more space for the trunk, up to 113 liters that becomes 810 with the rear seats folded down.

    It has night vision to detect humans and animals in the dark through a thermal imaging camera, four-wheel steering to make you feel more agile, active roll stabilization and a display screen projected directly onto the windshield.

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