Netflix: What’s to watch today, July 19? 10 action, horror and suspense series and movies you should watch this week

Netflix: What’s to watch today, July 19? 10 action, horror and suspense series and movies you should watch this week

A Sometimes the beginning of the week can be difficult and stressful for many, therefore, in BRAND Claro to we recommend 10 horror, action and suspense movies and series that will leave you on the edge of the seat.

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The Night of the Demon: The Last Key

Under the direction of Adam Robitel, comes the last installment of the film series “La noche del demonio”. This story is set chronologically before the first part and begins when the psychic Elise Rainier, haunted by her memories, returns to his childhood home in New Mexico to face his fears, which awakens the evil hidden in his past.

Happy death day 2

Within the American slasher genre, we find this movie that deals with Tree; a young woman who after surviving her death countless times, is again trapped in a time loop. However, now his friends are also victims.

The scarlet summit

With the direction of Guillermo del Toro and the performance of Tom Hiddleston, this adaptation begins with a young heiress who, after marrying a mysterious aristocrat, moves into a sinister ruined mansion. There, he discovers that the place holds the darkest secrets.

Who Killed Sara?

Season two of this series arrives that, after the end of last season, Alex sets out to expose much more than the true perpetrator of his sister’s murder. Determined to exact revenge and prove he was framed, this character will do everything possible to save his name and the memory of his sister.


Among the new Netflix releases we find the movie Ozark. This one is about a financial advisor dragging his family from Chicago to the Lakes of the Ozark to launder $ 500 million in five years and reassure a drug lord.


Remembering the early days of the Transformers, in 1987, Bumblebee flees from the Decepticons and takes refuge on Earth. Shortly after a young woman with a painful past he runs into it, his enemies return on the prowl.

The old guard

This action film takes up the story of four immortal warriors who have been protecting humanity for centuries, but they are haunted by their mysterious powers. They will have to protect their new member, but also reaffirm the roots that have held them together for thousands of years.

The Street of Terror (Part 3): 1666

Another new horror release hits our screens. In the third part of “The street of terror”, Deena travels to 1666 and discovers the truth about Sarah Fier. In 1994, the group of friends fights for survival and the future of Shadyside.


Directed by Brad Andreso, this psychological horror and suspense film begins when a family goes to the emergency room with their daughter, because they had an accident. The wife takes her for a CT scan while he waits and the hours go by, but they never come back. The father will fight to find the truth behind this mysterious hospital.


Room has been a drama and suspense film that has received countless positive reviews and for this it received four Oscar nominations. The premise is that a young girl kidnapped, raped and confined in a room gives birth to a child. Five years later, on her son’s birthday, it was time to plan the escape.

How much do Netflix packages cost?

Netflix drive three subscription modalities according to your needs: Basic, Standard and Premium.

The Basic plan It costs 139 pesos per month and includes unlimited movies and series from your phone, laptop or tablet. However, content is only allowed to play simultaneously on one device, so two people cannot use the account at the same time.

The Standard plan has a cost of 196 pesos per month, it also has unlimited series and movies and in this mode if you can play simultaneous content on up to two devices. Additionally, you have the option of viewing content in high definition (HD) format.

The Premium plan is perfect for the family or people who share a single account, since it allows the simultaneous reproduction of movies and unlimited series in four devices. This mode costs 266 pesos per month, allows you to watch Netflix on all your devices and in addition to high definition, you have the option of watching the content in Ultra HD.

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