NBA: Doncic has a lot of technique: they have marked 12 and he is the second most sanctioned player

    NBA: Doncic has a lot of technique: they have marked 12 and he is the second most sanctioned player


    Luka Doncic accumulates a lot of technique. In every sense. In his game, which makes him one of the best in the NBA. And in his statistics, which shows his complicated relationship with the referees. The Mavericks point guard is the second most technical player this season. After the whistle in the game against the Bucks, he has now 12. In his two previous seasons, he had added 13.

    The Slovenian player is only behind Dwight Howard, Sixers pvot, who has 13, and is in front of two habitual protesters like Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green, with 11. All of them are far from Rasheed Wallace, who in the season 2000-01 saw 41 points out of 80 games. Hands down, one of the worst collegiate nightmares in NBA history.

    Doncic’s star status weighs in on that statistic. He has been someone for a long time and has earned the respect of the NBA, which helps him to be able to protest more than other players and talk with the referees, although sometimes he ends up exceeding the red line. That is why he is only four techniques away from the figure of 16 with which he would have to meet a penalty match.

    However, his trainer, Rick Carlisle, doesn’t seem too concerned about it. “He is an emotional competitor. He is smart and sure that he keeps score. If he reaches 16 techniques, he will do it before a match in which he knows he was going to rest anyway,” he said after the match. Doncic has it under control.

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