NBA: Chris Boucher, another MVP out of nowhere: from living on the street to conquering the NBA

    NBA: Chris Boucher, another MVP out of nowhere: from living on the street to conquering the NBA

    EIn the middle of a season without a fixed Raptors they have found a reason for hope. Is about Chris Boucher, a different player who in recent seasons has been pointing out what he could become and who in this campaign has become the great cause of hope for the Canadian franchise.

    A ray of hope for the Raptors

    A condition that he confirmed on the last day when he signed the best performance of the night in the NBA with 38 points, the best mark of his career, and 19 rebounds. Although he could not avoid the fifteenth defeat in the last eighteen games played. Boucher returned to curdle a unique game and that makes him the First Raptors player to sign more than 35 points and 15 rebounds since Chris Bosh in 2010.

    Numbers that help you keep your bid at the top of the season’s Most Improved Player predictions. An award that just 12 years ago I couldn’t even dream of. At that time his objective was very different and responded to a single word: to survive.

    The player was born on the small island of Santa Lucia, in the middle of the Caribbean. One less idyllic place to be a kid. Drugs, gangs and violence marked the childhood of a Boucher, who at the age of five they moved to Montreal in search of a better future. But this one did not come.

    If his childhood was tough, his adolescence was even worse. At the age of 16 his parents divorced and he stayed on the street From overnight. Boucher opted for drop out of school to start working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. The young man, who did not even dream of basketball, he lived on charity and the refuge that his friends gave him from time to time.

    It was then that the AAU tournament saved his life after standing out in a local game with 44 points. That crash supposed his takeoff and while he was shining on the field he resumed his studies and soon began to draw the attention of the college recruiters, with Oregon ultimately catching on to the water, although he did not have it easy in his time with the Ducks.

    A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of your right leg he plunged his future into a sea of ​​doubts to the point that he was not chosen in the draft when everything pointed to it. Boucher had to start over and to take the first step chose the G League from the hand of the Santa Cruz Warriors.

    After his contract ended, he was caught by the Raptors in June 2018 after having debuted in the NBA with the Bahia franchise. And there began the dream after the nightmare. NBA champion in his first season and star of one of the league’s great fairy tales in the last two seasons. An NBA fable that once again has a happy ending.

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