Navratilova on coming out: I could lose my job and sponsors, but I didn’t care

18-times winner of the tournament series “Grand slam” Martina Navratilova told the conditions under which he confessed to sexual orientation.

“I wanted to do this before, but thought it was my personal business. I had no problems with orientation, as soon as I realized that I was homosexual.

Understand that my life will change and become more complicated, but it is what it is. I didn’t see this as a problem, but companies they definitely were. I played in a single sport, and I couldn’t stop playing tennis for the reason that I’m gay. I speak in team sport, I had the problem — the coach would not put me in the game, the school could prevent a play. You can be the best player and not to speak.

In General, he knew that it quieter. I could lose the tennis could lose my job. I would not be able to earn a living, to play. Might lose advertising contracts, but I didn’t care. I played not for money, I just wanted to speak. Why didn’t you confess before? I would have to deny nationality. In those days, could lawfully deny citizenship because of homosexuality,” said Navratilova in the transfer of Karen Sainiana on YouTube.


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