Naum Shopov became the host of a new show on bTV

Naum Shopov became the host of a new show on bTV


Naum Shopov will host the new BTV show “The Bachelor”, writes “Weekend” from his colleagues. The star of the series “Stolen Life” has won the casting for the appetizing place in prime time on television, thanks to its popularity among teenage girls. It is in such an audience that the reality is aimed, in which unmarried women fight for the heart of a complete stranger.

They did a very serious casting on TV before choosing a presenter. The names of five actors were discussed, and Hristo Shopov’s successor collected the most points because of his youth, charm, smile and muscles, which he will show on the small screen.

The main contenders were also Niki Iliev, Orlin Pavlov and Zahari Baharov, but Naum prevailed. The fact that he has been the face of Nova TV so far has not been a problem. In case the producers fail to choose a sufficiently attractive bachelor to put in the center of the show, the viewers will crowd in front of the TV because of the presenter.

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