Napoli puts a price on Chucky Lozano, while in Italy they criticize him

    Napoli puts a price on Chucky Lozano, while in Italy they criticize him

    El step from Hirving Lozano for Napoli of Italy has been full of many ups and downs since his arrival, That is why the Mexican is still on the lips of the Italian press in the final stretch of the 2020-2021 season, where the Neapolitan team puts a figure and at the same time is criticized for the bad game against Juventus a couple of days ago.

    With information from, there was already contact between Aurelio De Laurentiis and the representative of Chuky Lozano regarding his future, where he announced that the minimum order for the player to leave the Italian box is 80 million euros.

    Lozano came to Serie A for 47 million euros from the Netherlands, Today the Neapolitan team will be asking for double for the Tuzos del Pachuca youth attacker.

    While all this is happening around the cost and value of Chucky, Italian press has been very severe in criticizing the Aztec player, this thanks to the discreet match he gave against Juventus a couple of days ago, where Napoli fell 2-1. “He is not yet the Mexican before the injury,” commented Corriere dello Sport.

    Hirving does not go through his best level and the press begins to pressure the Mexican to be more effective.

    PHOTO: Reuters

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