Nalbandian has explained why he considers “Big three” unique

Former Argentine tennis player David Nalbandian called the Swiss Roger Federer, Spaniard Rafael Nadal and Serb Novak Djokovic unique players.

“They are unique. Probably, they are the only people in tennis history who played so long at such a high level. It’s amazing because I’ve been there myself and know how many sacrifices it requires. It’s just amazing.

They were lucky with injuries, they were relatively rare. Rafa in this respect suffered more for Novak and Roger, but he’s still playing in a limited number of tournaments. Most of all, I admire their motivation and desire to stay on top” — quoted Nalbandian Pagina 12.

Nalbandian ended his professional career in tennis in 2013. In 2006 he took third place in the ATP rankings, and in 2005 won the Final championship of the ATP. After his retirement he was engaged in motorcycle sport, and in 2014 moved into the rally.

David in his career has won 11 ATP tournaments in singles. In 2002 he reached the final of Wimbledon. Nalbandian is a three-time finalist of the Davis Cup.


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