Music streaming: those signatures that are worth billions

Music streaming: those signatures that are worth billions

A ranking lists the most listened to songwriters in 2020, highlighting those who make up the hits. Their own or those of others.

Psure there are plenty of fingers raised to answer the question “Who can name 5 songs by American singer Finneas?” “. Not sure there are more if we limit ourselves to three songs. However, in the world of music, the young man is far from being a stranger. Evidenced by the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. This is also evidenced by a report published on Monday, in which Finneas O’Connell, by his full name, is consecrated as the flagship songwriter of the year 2020, in front of a plethora of other artists such as OZ, 30 ROC, Louis Bell or Poo Bear. Who ? So many names of musicians who, while not necessarily taking center stage, are nonetheless those who write, compose, shape the songs that have been listened to the most in streaming over the last year.


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