More than 350 scientists offer their support to the student movement for climate

Plus de 350 scientifiques offrent leur appui au mouvement étudiant pour le climat

Photo: Jacques Demarthon Agence France-Presse
The strike movement for the climate, which reached Québec has spread in Europe in recent months.

A few days of student demonstrations planned in several regions of the world, and particularly in Quebec, more than 350 scientists offer their support to the youth movement, which require the use of measures far more ambitious fight against climate change.

“Alert the public opinion about the need for urgent action to address climate change is not only legitimate, but necessary. Because the cries of alarm that we have launched up to now have obviously not been sufficient and that the youth will suffer the consequences of our inaction, ” write the scientists in a letter of support to be made public Monday.

“It is our responsibility to accompany them in the denunciation of the serious lack of political and economic leadership that we are witnessing. We need to work together to research and implement solutions to ensure a sustainable economy in a sustainable world “, added the signatories.

“The scientific consensus is unequivocal : without changes, rapid and radical, we will face changes that will cause catastrophic impacts for humanity and life on Earth “, they stress, adding that ” Quebec and Canada are not immune from climate impacts with serious consequences “.

They also remind us that to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, which is the objective the most ambitious of the Paris Agreement, it will be necessary to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by nearly 50 % by 2030. As for the net emissions of GHG, they should be set to “zero” by 2050, according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC). “The task is so daunting, and it must begin now,” noted the researchers, who support the young people.

359 scientific

These 359 scientists have agreed to sign this letter at the initiative of Laure Waridel and Dominic Champagne, the Pact for the Transition. They are from different universities anglophones and francophones, mainly from Quebec, but also of scientific research groups.

“This mobilization on the part of professors and researchers in natural sciences and technologies, as well as health and social sciences and in culture, a testament to the sense of urgency that inhabits them. Regardless of their discipline, they feel challenged, ” according to the eco-sociologist Laure Waridel.

This Friday, march 15, strikes, student protests of young people in favour of the fight against climate change are planned in more than 50 countries. In Québec, at least 60 000 students voted for a strike day. Protests are planned in various cities, including Montreal and Quebec.

In a letter published march 1 in the british daily The Guardian, leaders involved in the movement are so-called outright “ignored” and “betrayed” by their elders. “Our generation has grown up with the climate crisis and we will have to live with this crisis for the rest of our lives. Despite this, most of us are not included in the decision-making, local and global. We are the future with no voice of humanity, ” they emphasized, in particular.