more good words than deeds of Laporta to renew the Argentine

    more good words than deeds of Laporta to renew the Argentine

    A Joan Laporta helped him, during the electoral campaign, to present himself as Leo Messi’s friend. With him, as president, there would be no doubt that the Argentine star would stay anyway. Although the safe has cobwebs because Laporta has charisma and an enthusiastic tone capable of lifting you out of depression. That is what was interpreted when you saw Messi, with his son Thiago, at the ballot box to exercise his right to vote. It was the first time he had voted and it was taken for granted that he supported Laporta. That ballot was seen as the signature of the renewal and the way to annul the burofax.

    In the 34 days since Joan Laporta won the elections to the presidency of Barcelona until Classic, The only thing he has done in relation to the so-called ‘Messi Case’ are more good words than deeds. There is no news about a possible continuity of the Argentine at Barça because the new president does not have a renewal proposal for the captain. All he has been able to do, a month after the electoral triumph, is ask him to stay and buy time to find out how the club’s economy is really doing and what type of contract should be proposed. Any option presented to Jorge Messi, the father and agent, will be downward from an economic point of view.

    The photo that Florentino Pérez avoided with Haaland’s father and Mino Raiola

    Ulises Sánchez-Flor

    Laporta He promised that the first thing he would do when he was president would be to have a meeting with Messi to convince him that the best thing he could do was reflect and reverse his desire to leave Barça. Messi continues waiting for that proposal that does not arrive. It is delaying because Laporta has just learned what the financial reality of the club is. In the internal audit commissioned, the accounts show that this season there will be some losses close to 350 million euros. And no benefits are expected until the 2022-23 season. This is the current photograph of the club once Carles Tusquets handed over to Laporta the economic management and powers.

    Seduction skills

    It is difficult to present a convincing offer to Leo Messi with this situation, which is more problematic than the new Barça board of directors imagined. So far, Laporta has been taking the matter of Messi with a seduction tactic. More trickery skills than facts that can cause a change of opinion. In last Monday’s game, against Valladolid at the Camp Nou, Messi was presented with a commemorative shirt for becoming the footballer who has played the most games in the history of Barça. He has 769. He surpassed Xavi. Laporta invited Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, and the three children (Thiago, Mateo and Ciro) to the box to watch the game. The rule was broken that minors under 16 cannot be in that area of ​​the stadium. It is another nod to the Messi family. You have to play the trump card of women, who are happy in Barcelona.

    There have been more gestures from Laporta to Messi that confirm that the relationship between the president and the captain is good and there is closeness. Like the words in the investiture act in which Laporta He said publicly: “You have to try to convince Messi to stay. What he does will be fine, but we will try to make him stay because he is the best in the world ”. This was ten days after winning the election. But Laporta, who said during the campaign that the ‘Messi Case’ was a capital issue and should be addressed from day one, encounters obstacles

    Messi and Laporta at the inauguration ceremony of the president of Barcelona. (Eph)

    There are more issues to resolve, in sports, than Messi. The renewal of Dembele, which ends the contract in 2022 and must be faced to prevent time from passing and being free. Sales, renewals, transfer requests of Koeman… All this work is also the responsibility of Mateu Alemany, the new head of the football department, who begins to work against the clock to plan a squad that is pending the decision that Leo Messi may make.

    If Laporta does not expedite his proposal to Messi, it is difficult to advance. The good words are there, the harmony is also important, but it is not valid only with this and transmitting that Messi has to retire at Barcelona because it is his home and then he will stay with an ambassadorial position. Leo Messi continues in his idea that he needs to have more certainty regarding a winning project, which aspires to the Champions League, and of course the economic part counts.

    Guardiola and PSG waiting

    Waiting for what comes out of the meeting that Laporta and Messi’s father have to have are two teams. Messi’s operation, being free and with a high salary, is acceptable for Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain. Manchester City does not renounce the possibility of signing Messi Because the first one who considers that the Argentine has years of a high competitive level left is Pep Guardiola. City has freed itself from Kun Agüero’s record. He has just renewed Kevin De Bruyne, one of his stars, and is waiting for Messi to move. At Paris Saint Germain they do not hide that the objective is to reunite Neymar with Messi.

    The interest of these two clubs make Messi doubt and make the proposal that Laporta has to present more difficult. He has to refine a lot or surprise the new Barcelona leader with something. There is strong competition despite the fact that the current situation damages the finances of the clubs because of the pandemic. Messi, for its part, it continues to show that it offers performance capable of making a difference. In a season that started badly, in which he looked discouraged after the burofax episode, he has been able to turn it around and is the league’s top scorer with 23 goals. His year 2021 is being excellent with 16 goals in 13 games.

    Once those 34 days have passed since Laporta won the elections, the team’s sporting situation has been improving considerably. Laporta made his debut in the box at the Parque de los Príncipes and saw the Champions League team fall out. The investiture ceremony had not yet taken place. But Messi felt, finally, that there was a president after withdrawing the word from Bartomeu. He also feels that there is a coach because with Koeman the trajectory has changed for the better. All this is to value it, but Messi does not miss that his continuity also supposes a burden, economically, for the club and Laporta.

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