Montreal serves as the “punching bag” for Quebec exasperated by the winter, according to the mayor Plant

Montréal sert de «punching bag» aux Québécois exaspérés par l’hiver, selon la mairesse Plante

Photo: Marie-France Coallier Archives The Duty
Since the beginning of the month of January, Montreal has received 191 inches of snow, as well as 163 mm of rain.

Referred to by critics on the social networks about the problems of snow removal, the mayor Valérie Plante believes that Montreal serves as the “punching bag ” for the entire metropolitan region.

Many sidewalks remain icy in Montreal, but in suburbs as in cities, cities are struggling to plow and salt their roads. “I was with the mayors of the crown of south and north the last week and a bit at the joke, they said : “Fortunately, there was Montreal, which is the lightning rod for all criticism”, ” she explained Thursday. “It is safe here, there is a great media coverage. It is the metropolis. I think that the spotlight is very much upon us, but I will not hide : I think that it serves as a bit of a punching bag for the entirety of the practices of snow removal. “

According to the mayor, the elected members of the suburbs also receive their share of criticism from citizens frustrated by the winter : “there is a certain discontent or dissatisfaction that is widespread in the greater metropolitan area. “

Valérie Plante recalled that the vagaries of winter, with its rain and heavy snow complicated the task of snow removal crews. But, she says, the City is sparing no effort. “This year, the budget for the snow and maintenance of roads continues to increase. It is not as if we had made cuts, ” she said.

The City of Montreal should start Thursday night with a fifth operation of the loading of the snow. Since the beginning of the month of January, the metropolis has received 191 inches of snow and 163 millimeters of rain. The teams have picked up 12 million cubic meters of snow.