Monica Geuze now warns against laughing gas after ‘excessive use’

Monica Geuze now warns against laughing gas after ‘excessive use’

In the episode, Monica and Kaj talk about “resources”: from vaccines to amphetamines. “I also found laughing gas balloons so much fun to do”, Monica confesses in the conversation with her good friend. Kaj thinks otherwise: “I think that’s a lot of wasted time. Your whole brain freezes, man.”

“At one point I just lived with two of my girlfriends in Amsterdam. Then it was so bad that instead of going out I lay down in a dark room with a friend. Then we turned off the lights, turned on music and then we went out. we use balloons all night – and also during the day – in a row. Thinking about it makes me very unhappy.”

Kaj immediately wants to warn the (young) listeners that they should stop this behavior if they use balloons themselves. “I loved doing it,” Monica continues. “But I don’t remember when was the last time I did laughing gas. Now I really don’t do it anymore,” she emphasizes. The high is addictive, according to Monica.

What she finds especially ridiculous is that people nowadays use laughing gas behind the wheel. “Then you are really too sick for this world. I think that’s too crazy for words.” Kaj calls it a “disgusting development.”

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