Mode Ultimate Team Electronic Arts have brought a profit of $ 1.49 billion for fiscal year 2020

Financial analyst Daniel Ahmad on his page on Twitter posted a post in which estimated revenue of Electronic Arts from mode Ultimate Team in FIFA.

According to him, the profit of the company grew significantly in the last five years. If for fiscal year 2015 EA Sports received $ 587 million, in 2018, the revenue exceeded one billion to $ 1.18 billion And in 2020 does EA Sports has brought a record amount – $ 1.49 billion

Ultimate Team is the most popular online mode in FIFA, in which, according to the developers, daily played by millions of people all over the world. For playing Ultimate Team is to collect cards with the players in the squad and play with people over the Network. To improve the composition, a pay for the sets with the cards of the players.

Earnings from Electronic Arts, Ultimate Team in FIFA

2020 financial year – $ 1.49 billion
2019 financial year – $ 1.37 billion
2018 fiscal year reached $ 1.18 billion
2017 financial year $ 775 million
The 2016 fiscal year – $ 660 million
FY 2015 – $ 587 million

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