MMA fighter took the fight to the Ukrainian TV presenter after criticism Alexander Usik

Ukrainian athlete MMA fighter Elena Kolesnik criticized the journalist Yanina Sokolova. Sokolova allowed himself to sharp statements addressed to Alexander Usik, inviting him to strike her as a “couch expert”.

“In a situation with Yanina Sokolova and Alexander Usik my opinion – she wanted to hypenate on behalf of the world famous legendary Ukrainian. For what? For the sake of hype on its merits, to raise the rating of their false, useless programs.

Everyone needs to do their job. Athlete training and competing. Policies to protect our citizens, provide security and jobs, and the journalists should truly cover the situation in the country. Six years we have going on the wildest terror, which chipout all and Sundry.

Don’t understand why you, Janina, asking the question “whose Crimea?” the athlete Mustache and singer Marov. Why don’t you ask the traitor, Mr. P.? Why do you ask that ordinary citizens, not the politicians, the military? What you hyphee bastards? Why don’t you tell me what is really going on at home.

My friends and relatives are shocked by the situation in the country, from the inability to work, pay utilities, buy food. I will be 30 years this year. Why do my friends have to go abroad to wipe the elderly, though, and maybe a cute European ass, dig the strawberry in Europe?

Like many Ukrainians, I have no way to return home. State officials are offering a special flight for a special price. Wonder what to sell his soul to the devil or a kidney to go for 750 or 800 euros home? And a special flight was only one for all time. But it’s not about that. Everyone needs to do their job and try to do so efficiently.

Where are you getting, Ioannina? You’re a woman, but behave horribly. If you really want to get a sporty kick, slap, or just to fight, to offer their services. Woman to woman. I’m from the sport, you are a journalist, but their work do not.

Let’s speak instead of Sasha. Why are you troubling him? I have a live candidate. If you need someone to hypenate, someone to touch, someone to get in the ring, I will come, just organize a special flight at normal prices. Damn it, for God’s sake”, — quotes the words Kolesnik

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