MLB what the Yankees hide about Aaron Judge possible injury

    MLB what the Yankees hide about Aaron Judge possible injury

    Last Wednesday, April 7, it was announced that Aaron Judge would not play the last meeting of the series between New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles due to ‘general ailments’. However, this situation has raised suspicions among the media and fans that Yankees may be hiding an injury from Aaron Judge Well, so far in the 2021 MLB Season he has already been on the bench several times.

    Aaron Judge is one of the players that causes the most expectations in New York Yankees fans every MLB season start, as each year they expect it to be ‘their best year’ due to his offensive and defensive skills.

    However, the outfielder has presented and suffered various injuries throughout his career that have not allowed him to ‘exploit’ his potential. And it looks like the same thing is about to happen in MLB 2021 as the Yankees could be hiding an injury from Judge.

    On March 29, at the end of Spring Training and a few hours before Opening Day, Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, reported that his player was ‘depressed’ and that was why he had underperformed in spring training .

    Once the campaign started, between April 5 and 7, the New York Yankees reported and contradicted Judge’s health because at first they commented that ‘he is not struggling with anything specific’ and later said that ‘he has a general pain in one of his sides’.

    This has aroused the suspicions of the fans of the ‘Mules’ because it is not the first time that ‘El Juez’ presents discomfort in the side and in fact it was a rib injury that left him out of activity for two months in the 2019 MLB season.

    So far it is not known when Aaron Judge will be back in the line up of the New York Yankees, who this Friday, April 9, will face the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field.

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