Mets beat Marlins with controversial walk-off pitch

    Mets beat Marlins with controversial walk-off pitch

    The New York Mets entered the 2021 MLB season being one of the favorites to get to the World Series after the tremendous investment they made in the off-season; However, the Mets are still the Mets with their faltering start to the season and now they have won their game this Thursday against the Marlins in a very controversial and controversial way that will give a lot to talk about.

    Both teams were tied at two runs in the ninth inning, and Michael Conforto hit with a full house and one out, needing at least one sacrifice fly to try to bring the winning run to the plate. Conforto quickly finds himself at a disadvantage to Anthony Bass on account of one ball and two strikes.

    Given this, Bass throws a slider that just bites the upper inner part of the strike zone and it is possible to appreciate that Conforto gets into the trajectory of the ball to be hit. At first glance, it seems that home umpire Ron Kulpa is going to strike the strike and certify the strikeout, but he ends up scoring a pitch, sending Conforto to first base and making the victory race advance as a “wheelie” to leave them lying down. the Marlins.

    Marlins manager Don Mattingly immediately came out to argue with Kulpa asking for a review for a replay review, to which apparently the official told him that the hits do not apply to be reviewed, since although the rule says that the player has to do everything possible to avoid being hit, but it would be used to corroborate that Conforto was hit, which was confirmed.

    In the end, the Mets beat the Miami Marlins 3-2 in extremis and are currently 2-2 after missing their inaugural series against the Washington Nationals due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

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