Meghan Markle prohibited to prince Harry returning to England to see his father, infected by the coronavirus

Meghan Markle interdit au prince Harry de retourner en Angleterre pour voir son père contaminé par le coronavirus

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It is news that has rocked the Uk this Wednesday, march 25 : prince Charles has been tested positive for the coronavirus. A information which has logically affected his son, prince Harry, but according to a source from the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle not have allowed him to visit him in the United Kingdom.

“The prince of Wales has been tested positive for the coronavirus. “ The words of the press release issued by Clarence House on Wednesday morning were unequivocal. You could also read that a man of 71 years who is not ” present as mild symptoms “ remains ” in good health “. His wife, Camilla would not have been contaminated, and the couple has since lived isolated in Scotland. Isolated, but until when ? Some members of the family will perhaps want to take their news orally. A scenario that Meghan Markle would like to absolutely avoid. According to the Daily Mail, it would have prohibited the prince Harry to travel, including to the United Kingdom to visit her father. A few days ago, it is without Archie that she has made on british soil. She has communicated with her son through video calls. She wants to protect the Covid-19. It is also for this reason that it has taken this decision to her husband.

Since the 9th of march last, Harry has not seen his father. His wife wants to do everything to avoid contamination. According to the source of the Daily Mail, she does not want to ” under no circumstances “ that he would travel. She would tolerate no travel location. A decision that would disenfranchise a lot Harry, but also his wife who would like her husband to do much more to help.

In Vancouver, in Canada, the Sussex living with Archie at the pace of the epidemic with a protocol of strict hygiene for the staff, forced to wear latex gloves. According to the Daily Mail, the family could adopt a labrador to help the animal shelters are currently overloaded in this period of crisis.


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