Meghan Markle on the alert : why her son, Archie, soon to be 1 year, scares him sometimes

Meghan Markle sur le qui-vive : pourquoi son fils Archie, bientôt 1 an, lui fait peur parfois

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Confined in Canada with prince Harry and their son Archie, Meghan Markle admits to having a few cold sweats. According to our colleagues from the DailyMail the little guy tries new experiences, a bit risky…

A little boy ready to face all the challenges ! After causing a sensation during their latest commitments royal in London, Meghan Markle and prince Harry were reunited with their son Archie, who remained in Canada. There, the small family is confined to, health crisis requires. Concerned, especially for his son, the duchess of Sussex has asked all its staff to the home to follow the hygiene measures and above all to wear latex gloves. Meghan Markle would have even forbidden to her husband, the prince Harry to visit his father prince Charles, tested positive for the coronavirus. Too scared probably, to the idea of her husband getting the virus and transmit it to their little boy.

“A ball of energy”

Meghan Markle is also faced with another fear as a mother : to see her son trying new experiments, with the risk of getting hurt. A friend close to the couple has made a few confidences on the personality of the young Archie, who will be celebrating his 1 year on the 6th of may next, to our colleagues from the DailyMail. And apparently, the little boy is in full discovery : a ball of energy” who “babbles constantly“. The latter reveals that the little Archie has now learned to stand up in his crib, which is cute, but can be a little nerve-wracking, according to Meghan. In full enlightenment, the boy also learns to send kisses, and this fact no doubt melt the young mother.


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