Meghan Markle and Harry confined to Hollywood : they have permanently left Canada for Los Angeles

Meghan Markle et Harry confinés à Hollywood : ils ont définitivement quitté le Canada pour Los Angeles

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From a day, with no return. This is a departure already nicknamed the “Megxit 2″ by the members of the royal family who, according to the Sun, would be ” stunned and horrified “. Meghan Markle, Harry and Archie have left Vancouver, Canada, to Los Angeles. And they might well never return.

For some Canadians who had signed several petitions to prevent that money to the local public should be made to pay for their security, it is a very good news : prince Harry and Meghan Markle should not return to Canada after the outbreak of coronavirus. With their son, 10 month old, Archie, they are isolated in their new home in Hollywood, and it may well last. ” Harry and Meghan have left Canada for good. The borders are closed and flights stopped. They had to go “, said a source royal SunWednesday, march 25, the day when Disney has announced the release of a film charity on elephants whose voice is provided by the former actress of the series Suits. The mother of the family wants to revive his career. What better than to be in Los Angeles to be sure not to miss the opportunity ?

“This move was expected for some time. They realized that living in Canada would not work for various reasons, and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area. They have a great network there,” says the source who says that their new team of officers and public representatives located there. In addition to the professional aspect, Meghan also has a lot of friends to find to, but especially his mother, Doria Ragland. A qualified decision of “Megxit 2” according to the Sun by members of the royal family. The Daily Mail had announced that Meghan Markle had forbidden her husband to return to the Uk to visit his father, prince Charles, tested positive for the Covid-19. The American returned home with one of the most beautiful jewels of the crown.


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