Medvedev: season stops in the hope that the Cup could be held in August

The first President of the KHL, a member of the Board of Directors of the League and SKA Alexander Medvedev commented on the decision of the KHL on the early completion of season 2019/2020 due to the coronavirus.

“Joyful in this message is nothing but a the format of the competition in the NHL. The regular championship managed to complete, we know the winner — his team, we know the winners of the regular season. But there is a need to do something with the contracts of the players that end April 30, except those who have contracts are for a longer period of time. Players whose contracts end in April, very much.

As I understand it, is declared to be the winner of the Gagarin Cup, and the winner of the season, in fact it is the champion of the regular season. The season stops in the hope that if the situation will develop better will be the Cup to be held in August for eight teams, maybe in a different format. But the priority is the health of the athletes, their families, relatives and friends”, — quotes Medvedev TASS.


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