McLaren: two top teams of Formula 1 playing with fire

Executive Director of “McLaren” Zac brown said that the two top teams of Formula 1 “playing with fire”, trying to prevent the ceiling lowering budgets. He compared these groups with the fighter-heavyweight, who is trying to solely compete with rivals smaller weight class.

“Without the 10 teams or at least teams you will Formula 1. This pair of commands needs to be very careful because they are playing with fire, so to speak.

To Formula 1 existed, it needs a full starting grid. If a small squad due to financial problems leave the championship, they will compete only with themselves. And no one needs”, — quotes the words of brown Motorsport.

Head “McLaren” did not name the two teams directly. But we can assume that we are talking about “Ferrari” and “Red bull”, as in “Mercedes” has previously stated that it is willing to make concessions to limit budgets below $ 150 million.

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