Max Verstappen told about the most awkward moment in his career

The pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen told, which moment was the most awkward years of his career in Formula 1.

“In Austin in 2016, the race went well, I took fourth place. My engineer said on the radio, so I pushed hard. At that time it meant I have a pit-stop. After that I drove a lap and went to pit stop. But then I realized that I was not invited. I thought, what have I done, and announced on the radio that I’ll be in the pit lane. The mechanics grabbed the sets of rubber and have a pit-stop for 8 or 9 seconds. Despite my mistake, it was fast enough. After three laps I was out of the race due to problems.

After the race, Helmut Marko was furious. I admitted the mistake, I had nothing to say. The moment was quite awkward”, — quotes the words Verstappen official site.

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