Maria Laecken will not go to a training camp in Novogorsk

The Russian athlete the world and European champion in the high jump Maria Laecken miss the collection on the basis of “Novogorsk”. It became known that soon the Russian athletes will resume training at the base.

“Now she’s resting, and no need for centralized training sessions. After the release of the holiday she will start physical training, so the charges have not yet thought of. Something specific about the future plans of preparing to say too difficult, everything will depend on the situation with the calendar and how it will adjust the coronavirus. Once it’s clear, will be able to talk about preparing for anything in particular”, — quotes the coach of the athlete Gennady Gabriana TASS.

The gathering in Novogorsk, skip and silver medalist of the world championship 2019 in the women’s 110 meters hurdles Sergey Shubenkov.

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