Maria De Filippi, Amici 21 starts early: the indiscretion

Maria De Filippi, Amici 21 starts early: the indiscretion

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The news comes completely unexpected, also because it was not announced during the presentation of the Mediaset schedules for next autumn: it seems that Friends 21 is about to leave well in advance of the usual schedule. Maria De Filippi, in short, he would have a wonderful surprise ready for all his viewers.

To launch the indiscretion is Davide Maggio, who to tell the truth considers the early departure of Amici 21 as already certain: although the official status is missing, next television season should almost certainly see the Canale 5 talent show arrive in daytime already in its very first weeks. Usually, the afternoon episodes (both the weekly ones and the highly anticipated Saturday appointment) of the broadcast conducted by Maria De Filippi they start towards the end of November. This year, however, they will probably be several weeks earlier.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, during the presentation of schedules of the new Mediaset TV season, did not mention this beautiful novelty. Perhaps because, apparently, the start date of Friends 21 has not yet been established: but these first rumors are enough to rekindle the public’s attention on the famous talent show, waiting to find out more. Should the rumors be confirmed, it still remains to be understood how this early departure would affect the rest of the broadcast.

It is possible that Maria De Filippi chooses to land with the evening of Friends 21 in the first months of next year, although this would heavily modify the TV schedule of Canale 5. On the contrary, to leave the pace of the prime time unchanged, the show could be extended by a few weeks adding several other afternoon episodes. This is a choice that would certainly be well appreciated by the many aficionados of the most famous school in Italy.

Meanwhile, the rumors continue also regarding the cast of next season’s Friends. According to the first rumors, Maria De Filippi would be sifting through the names of the professors who will take part in the broadcast: few doubts about Arisa and on Rudy Zerbi, who should once again be protagonists behind the teachers’ desk. However, it still remains to be clarified what will happen to Anna Pettinelli and Lorella Cuccarini, still in doubt. What we do know is that it certainly awaits us a new edition full of surprises and emotions, to discover young talents ready to emerge.


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